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Institute of Management of Sri Lanka (IMSL) is the national apex body in the field of professional management in Sri Lanka, dedicated to promoting professional management in the country. IMSL was inaugurated on 31st July 1986 and was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 67 on 17th December 1988. Today, IMSL is a full member of the Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO), as Sri Lanka’s sole representative in AAMO.

The Institute is administered by a President, Four Vice Presidents, A Secretary an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer and Committee of 15 members of which 3 members represent the affiliated Institutions and Organizations of this Institute. Such Members are duly elected at an Annual General Meeting. They constitute the Council of the Institute.







In 2003 the New Zealand Institute of Management developed a Management Capability Index.  In management and leadership research terms, it was a world first. The survey, on which the index is based, is now conducted in a number of countries including India, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, and was made possible due to membership in the Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO). The Institute of Management of Sri Lanka (IMSL) is the National Management Organization (NMO) representing Sri Lanka in the AAMO.  
Management capability is arguably the single most important success factor in building business capability.  This understanding in no small measure accounts for the fact that a steadily increasing number of countries are using the index to measure organisational performance and simultaneously keep individual enterprises focused on practices that enhance capability. 
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